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The Vibrant Hive Training
Workplace Coherence & Communication Skills

 The Vibrant Hive® training facilitates improved communication and workplace coherence by training employees on dynamic communication strategies that lead to clarity and focus, understanding, solid decisions, and desired outcomes.


During training, team members learn The Vibrant Hive Method of Communication, a unique and practical approach that uses a bee analogy to teach employees clear communication tools and techniques. Monica developed this innovative model to improve awareness, collaboration, need assessment, work wellbeing, and team and company success.

Training is interactive and participants learn through experiential learning. They receive instruction on new concepts then apply each concept to current work issues or challenges to solidify understanding. Following the session, team members integrate new tools into their work to strengthen communication, leadership, and soft skills. As teams engage in productive, quality interactions, new perspectives unfold and clarity, focus, and creativity drive the them forward. This results in new positive habits and challenges are approached more effectively and efficiently in the future. 

Give your team the tools they need to be productive & love work again. 

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In-Person & Virtual Trainings

Instruction & Experiential

Learning & Cocahing

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Navigate Work & Conversations Efficiently

The Vibrant Hive way of navigating work is an art of seeing people, situations, and circumstances differently. It's having an open and curious mind and the willingness to shift.

When you navigate work and conversations in high coherence, you adopt an important skill; the ability to pivot from confusion and insecurity to clarity and confidence. There’s less second-guessing and more productive solutions and new ideas.

The Vibrant Hive Method helps team members to be more efficient and prepared. After training, clients tell me that they arrive at work and meetings feeling more confident. They worry less about how meetings will go because they arrive prepared, and are more engaged. They are better at thinking on their feet, speaking up, and sharing their ideas. And it’s easier to refocus themselves and the group when the need arises.

Improved leadership qualities lead team members to make solid decisions because they are in the habit of asking themselves and others the right questions to get clear before taking action. I equip executives and their teams with the tools and skills needed to do their best work.

The Benefits of Strong Communication Skills

Quality interactions

Efficient & productive meetings

Creative solutions

New & innovative ideas

Best performance

Collaborative relationships

Desired results & outcomes

High morale

Job satisfaction

If your employee development goals include strengthening skillsets for employee best performance and the ability to reach their fullest potential, let's have a conversation to discuss how The Vibrant Hive training and executive coaching could help you and your team achieve company goals.

If you think this training might be right for your team, let's have a conversation.

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