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The IFTT Thought Coach Certification is a dynamic online program for aspiring coaches and executive or life coaches looking to acquire powerful and effective coaching tools. Working professionals worldwide are also adding Certified Thought Coach to their "toolbox" to reveal the confident leader within, be empowered, become a high-performing employee, and love work again. 


If you're a working professional who leads a team or are looking to gain a highly sought-after skillset, this credential is for you too. It's a mindset skillset where you will approach work in a new way and quickly understand the real issues as challenges arise. You will gain clarity, find creative solutions, stay aligned with goals, and change thinking patterns to be the employee you desire to be; effective and efficient because you realize your ability and full potential.

As a facilitator, I will work with you to clarify your intent behind becoming a Thought Coach and create a path to positive results. I will work with you to pinpoint and identify the negative or counter-productive thoughts that get in the way of supporting your wellbeing and confidence in the workplace. You will build confidence by focusing on positive, constructive thoughts that increase your strengths and replace doubt and fear with faith and belief in yourself to realize your ultimate goals.


As a transformational thinker, you will navigate conversations with clients and coworkers more powerfully. Each week you will discover how to apply what you learned in the training modules to overcome insecurity, doubt, and fear in the workplace. I am excited to guide you through the program that was a game-changer in my professional and personal life. 


"The trend; Corporations are hiring managers and leaders who are skilled at effectively coaching their employees,  thereby helping them  recognize their ability, realize their value, and have the confidence to fearlessly step up to the plate and perform their best."  

Monica Binger

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