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The Vibrant Hive
Coaching & Mentoring

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"Taking people inward to discover a path onward."

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Create a Thriving Hive, One Conversation at a Time

Making improvements isn't about making big, daunting changes. It's about making small shifts that add up to the changes you desire. 


Navigate your life with more ease. Learn how to approach  conversations and relationships with an approach that makes it possible to reduce stress and enjoy the path to reaching your personal and work goals. 


The Vibrant Hive® Method of Communication is a self-coaching coherence model that's taught during workshops and is used as a foundation for coaching sessions. The unique approach employs the wisdom of bees to transform conversations which impact all other aspects of the hive.

Show up wholeheartedly and be more balanced, content, and engaged in your work and personal life.

Shift to High Coherence & Live the Life You Planned

Monica does sessions and workshops, and partners with private groups, behavioral health centers, and schools to give talks.

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