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Meet Monica

I facilitate open, clear, and efficient communication in the workplace, ushering in harmony and diplomacy so all employees can put their best foot forward. I am a curious pathfinder that inspires and propels you to thrive at work and in your personal life, and I build bridges to connect and bring people together. I am passionate about making a difference.

When wearing my workplace communication specialist hat, I train team members as they learn new communication tools and techniques, creating cohesion that drives best performance, collaborative relationships, and desired results. It also reduces stress and creates balance and harmony between clients work and personal life. 


When my mentoring and coaching hat is on, I provide individuals with support and encouragement as they integrate new skills with awareness and curiosity. The ultimate goal is to gain clarity and confidence. The first step in professional development, improvement, and change is to become clear, then confidence propels you forward.

My diverse background facilitating communication by building bridges between executives and employees, and between teams, gives me a unique perspective on challenges encountered in the workplace. I appreciate the power of transparency, identifying who to interact with and what to discuss, and a willingness to open up lines of communication. It's essential to value strengths, recognize needs, and share pertinent information in a solutions-focused way.

My dynamic coaching approach creates a space to discover the confident leader within you. As my clients acknowledge and value their strengths, recognize and respect their needs, and have appreciation for their best efforts, they trust themselves and have more courage and confidence to take action. I provide curiosity, encouragement, and support as they find unique ways to uncover productive solutions to challenges and embrace new opportunities. 

I encourage individuals and teams to make changes to become empowered and more connected. My unique, innovative coherence model, The Vibrant Hive® Method of Communication, serves as a foundation to shift my clients to a place where they are engaged and are more connected in  their work and personal relationships. The model was originally developed to improve workplace coherence, but I found that it is so effective that individuals automatically use the tools and skills learned for their personal life and the relationships in it. So it's been a great joy to also work with clients who want to primarily focus on personal relationships with a partner, spouse, family member, or friend. 

The catalyst that propelled me to become a teacher, mentor, and coach (I'm an Authentic Leadership Coach and Certified Thought Coach) was to help others reduce stress once I experienced the immense benefits of stress reduction in my own life after I overcame burnout and chronic illness, including thyroid and debilitating neurological lyme disease. In addition to my hobbies of art and music, I'm also a Reiki practitioner. Reiki has been an important part of my own stress relief regimen and it's an honor to be able to offer this amazing energy modality to others. It's effective and energizing, and I love that I can offer it via Zoom, which makes it alot easier to access and fit into people's schedules than getting a massage. 


My passion and mission is to be a catalyst for improved communication to create a unified whole where people feel connected, confident, creative, calm, and centered. ​I live in Raleigh, North Carolina with my husband, two daughters, and our two golden doodles. I look forward to connecting with you.

My Training and Coaching Style

I teach content in a way that's easy to understand and apply. I love sharing practical tips and tools to help others become more intentional and productive. The concepts I teach positively impacted my own life, so it has become my passion to share it with others.


I approach coaching with curiosity and from a place free from judgment. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting, and sessions are open and free-flowing. I believe my clients can do anything they set out to do, and I love investigating cues with them as they gain forward momentum.

"Success is trusting my intuition and letting my heart lead, even when what I am being asked to do feels scary."

– Lissa Rankin, MD

Author, "The Anatomy of a Calling" 

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