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Meet Monica

A Curious Pathfinder: The links between communication, relationships, authenticity, and stress are the impetus for Monica's work. Her own work and personal life challenges have led her to be a curious pathfinder with a mission to find and show others effective ways to improve relationships and their quality of life. 

A Bridge Builder: The self-coaching coherence model she created offers people a unique perspective on the challenges they encounter. Her teaching and coaching styles make new concepts easier to understand and implement. She refers to herself a "bridge builder" because as people learn to connect with themselves and communicate effectively, they build stronger bridges with others. She has a passion for bringing people together in ways that result in more enjoyable work and personal life experiences.

She's a Teacher at Heart: Monica's curious and compassionate demeanor helps her clients feel comfortable enough to uncover the best path forward. She is a teacher and mentor at heart, and loves to help her clients integrate effective tools and strategies into their family and group hives. She shows them how to tune into themselves to tap into their strengths and inner wisdom and gain valuable insight before making decisions. Monica is especially passionate about giving people the self-coaching tools they need to handle life like a pro. 

Monica is a catalyst for people to feel more connected, confident, centered, and calm. 


She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with her husband, two daughters, and two golden doodles.

"Success is trusting my intuition and letting my heart lead, even when what I am being asked to do feels scary."

– Lissa Rankin, MD

Author, "The Anatomy of a Calling" 

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