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Relationship Coaching

Improve relationships & improve your quality of life.

Relationships can make or break your ability to enjoy life. What if the problem isn't the relationship but the dynamics you each brought with you? Don't you think it's time to view and approach relationships in more effective ways?

Relationships With Others: The Vibrant Hive Method® will be the foundation for coaching sessions. As we adopt a bee mentality, we'll  look at people, situations, and circumstances differently. And as you take the steps necessary to improve communication and shift into higher coherence, you'll experience more harmony and connection. From here it's easier to identify and toss out outdated rules, conditions, and unrealistic and unattainable expectations. And when you communicate well, it's easier to reduce stress, tension, and conflict and create space for genuine and sincere relationships. 


The Relationship With Yourself: The self-coaching tools that are embedded into The Vibrant Hive Method will help you to reconnect and improve the relationship with yourself. This will help you to navigate challenges and seasons of change with more grace, patience, and ease. Many people don't know what they really want in a relationship, a season, or in life in general because they're so used to focusing on everyone else. It's a pattern that is easy to spot and overcome with the know-how.


How It Works: During sessions, we work through specific challenges, identify goals, and pinpoint specific needs and necessary changes. You'll receive support and encouragement as you integrate new coherence and communication tools and strategies into your relationships, especially the relationship with yourself.

You deserve to adopt a better way to approach conversations. Find out how to tap into your inner strength and wisdom, and get back to enjoying your time with the people in your life.


Services Offered 

Coaching Sessions

Relationship and life coaching sessions give you an opportunity to shift out of outdated patterns that aren't serving you at this time and do things differently. Joint sessions with a spouse, partner, family member, or friend offered during relationship coaching.

The Vibrant Hive Workshop Series

Learn The Vibrant Hive Method during this workshop series. Equip yourself with a new communication approach and essential tools to create a thriving personal and work hive. Private workshops are available upon request.

Take the first step to create a shift & the long term changes you desire. 

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It's not about whether you're communicating,  it's about the quality of the interactions

  • Are you asking the right questions to get to the real concern?

  • Are you discussing what needs to be discussed?

  • Does each person have the soft skills needed to navigate issues & concerns?

  • Are challenges worked through with respect & kindness?

Spouse  |  Partner  |  Parents  |  Siblings  |  In-Laws  |  Friends  |  Adult Children     


Life Coaching for Seasons of Change

You don't have to go it alone during this season of change. The given is that you have the wisdom inside you to take the best route, and the strength to get through the challenges that accompany change. What you might have forgotten is that sometimes the wisest thing you can do is reach out and ask someone to help you to gather the tools, strategies and perspectives for a more enjoyable journey. 


The start of a new chapter always coincides with the end of an old one. Whether it's relationship changes, a job, a move, a loss, or a loved one has moved away, there's a myriad of emotions; excitement, apprehension, sadness and heaping doses of fear and insecurity. 

Coaching with Monica gives you a source of support, encouragement, and accountability so you can tune in to your natural wisdom, gain clarity, and stay committed to your growth. And come out stronger than ever before on the other side.


A Coaching Style that Empowers You & Makes a Difference

With a coaching style that integrates a self-coaching coherence model into sessions, Monica  puts awareness and curiosity at the forefront and equips clients with practical tools and strategies that show them how to turn inward to consistently gain clarity, insights, and the best path forward

This serves as a foundation to help you to feel more connected with yourself and decide what matters to you. And helps you to show up wholeheartedly and enjoy relationships again. Relationships can be tricky, but with a new communication approach, it's easier to greet challenges and change with compassion, flexibility, and kindness for yourself and others.

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