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 You Deserve an Enjoyable Parenting Experience

You're showing up for your kids.
Who's showing up for you?


Children aren't born with a handbook on how to parent their unique personalities, but there's a way to unlock the answers you need. During coaching sessions I use The Vibrant Hive® Method as a foundation and provide you with support and the self-coaching tools you need to gain the parenting wisdom needed to help children and teens succeed in school and life..... Without losing yourself along the way.

When you acquire clarity and insights during coaching and apply the tools and strategies to your life, it doesn't only help you to identify better solutions for your kids and ground your relationships in love and connection, it gives you a new approach to your own life. With new perspectives and less frustration and exhaustion, it's possible to overcome burnout. And the balance, harmony, joy, and contentment you desire and deserve are well within your reach.

Enjoy life's sweet moments again!

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64% of teens feel the world is more stressful now than when their parents were young. 

Data from a 2022 poll by National Alliance of Mental Illness

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Clear communication improves mental health, well-being, behaviors, & outcomes.

Our teens are navigating a different world to the one we grew up in, and you're are facing different challenges to the ones your parents faced. So how do you guide and support your teens wholeheartedly and equip them to reduce stress and manage mental and emotional health and well-being? With an approach that makes communication and connection a reality in a technically-driven world.

Since The Vibrant Hive Method of communication aligns with the steps of the bee, it makes it easier for you to learn and integrate new practical and digestible strategies with your teen. When you adopt a bee mentality and implement interpersonal and intrapersonal communication tools and techniques, it equips you to guide and better support the teens in your life. It also helps you to improve your own health and well-being.


Additionally, modeling effective and productive communication to your children teaches and prepares them to empower themselves and navigate their own lives effectively. The bee approach creates a ripple effect that positively impacts the people in your life, including yourself.

Experience the Benefits

  • Reduced stress, tension, & conflict

  • Quality interactions

  • Real connection

  • Healthy relationships & behaviors

  • Improved physical, emotional, & mental health, & well-being

  • Handle issues & challenges with grace & patience

  • Enjoy life's sweet moments

  • Overcome burnout

  • Navigate change with more ease

  • More quality time with your kids

  • Be equipped with self-coaching tools to support your kids in school & life

  • Navigate changes with more ease

  • Break family cycles & patterns that don’t work for you & your current family

  • Be more content & fulfilled

  • Find balance & harmony

Save time & energy, & receive the support & encouragement you need to love parenting again.

Services Offered 

Parent Coaching Sessions

Receive the unbiased, non-judgmental support and encouragement you need to gain clarity, work through challenges, pinpoint needs, and identify solutions. You deserve to shift to a better place that works for you instead of against you. 

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The Vibrant Hive Workshop Series

Equip yourself with a new approach. Learn essential tools and strategies to create a thriving hive. Private workshops are available upon request.

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Parent Talks

Every stage of a child's life presents its own set of challenges and the need for new insights and a fresh perspective. They say that it takes a village to raise a child. I believe it takes a community for all of us to thrive. Bring your community together to learn and thrive together.

Take the first step to create a shift & the long term improvements you want. 

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