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Monica did a brilliant job teaching me concepts quickly, efficiently, and effectively. She truly has a gift to guide people out of their confusion and into the light, while helping them understand what to pay attention to and what to ignore.

-Bridget, Durham, NC


Monica offered me an unexpected coaching experience. I was paralyzed by a life decision. She gently and expertly took me through a series of questions that allowed me to dig down deeper and see where this decision fell in the greater pattern of my life. Her coaching was a deeply-moving, powerful experience. My next steps were crystal clear to me. She changed my life.

-Adriana, Chapel Hill, NC


Monica's powerful coaching is the gift to myself that I didn't know I needed. Her ability to actively listen and hold space for my own self-discovery has allowed me to create significant positive change in how I approach difficult situations.  Her way of really hearing what I am feeling and posing powerful questions to move me forward in a meaningful way (and in just a short period of time) is amazing. I'm so grateful to be coached by Monica.

-Grace, Durham, NC


I came to Monica for coaching about a situation where I felt completely stuck. In just one session of coaching around this very complex, years long struggle, Monica completely moved me forward with a sense of clarity, strength, and peace. Uncovering the truth was like cracking open a dusty old vault that no one had the combination to. All of a sudden the light was let in and everything became more clear. Her extensive knowledge and innate sense for how to apply the things she's learned to help her clients empower themselves to move forward is truly a gift.

-Anna, Cary, NC


I had the pleasure of working with Monica as she undertook her coach training. Her personal transformation provides a unique platform from which she can help clients embrace their own new ways of being. She is a calming, kind and thoughtful coach who will help bring out the best possible you in such a gentle way that you won’t realize you are being coached until you are already benefitting from new insights.

-Laura, Wake Forest, NC


Monica is authentic and kind in her coaching style. Our focus has been on stress reduction throughout our meetings. The deep level in which Monica listens is heartfelt. Her thinking is about you and on you; working with a wide range of modalities to help you determine what works best in a customized tailored fashion to meet your needs and goals. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with Monica. This is exactly what I was looking for.

-Gwen, Youngstown, OH


Monica helped me see that my passion to help others would be positively impacted if I remembered to have compassion for myself. It takes a lot of courage for a coach to share the observations she made as I was conversing with her. Her ability to share those observations as lovingly as possible, helped me grow as a person and will allow me to care for others with even more love and compassion than ever before. 

-Jessica, Topeka, KS


Monica is a powerful coach with a comforting presence. Her empathy, authenticity, and lack of judgement allowed me to make shifts and to find my voice, as well as find the strength to take action. If you're looking for a coach to help you make positive movement in your life, she's the coach for you.

-Stacie, Chapel Hill, NC

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