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Frequently Asked Questions

  • • What are the benefits of parent, relationship, and life coaching?
    Coaching provides individuals with the support and encouragement they need as they raise navigate their life and the relationships in it. Coaching that's based in coherence and communication gives clients awareness of new perspectives and offers tools and strategies to reduce stress, improve communication, be more content, and love life again.
  • • What is The Vibrant Hive Method?
    The Vibrant Hive® Method is an innovative coherence self-coaching model Monica Binger created that teaches awareness, inquiry, and communication skills. The model aligns bees' daily activities with new ways to approach and navigate conversations. As clients learn to connect with themselves and others and communicate more effectively, they build bridges and strengthen relationships. This reduces stress and brings people together for a more enjoyable life experience.
  • • When do you work with clients?
    I work with clients Monday -to Friday, 9am - 5pm. Hours may vary depending on the service being provided. Contact me for more details and my availability.
  • • What is your rescheduling policy?
    Since I reserve the session time for you, a minimum of 24-hours' notice is required.
  • • What is workplace coherence?
    At The Vibrant Hive®, Workplace coherence is defined as "a state of real connection with open, clear, and efficient communication within a unified whole." Workplace coherence leads team members and teams to clarity, trust, and collaboration.
  • • What is experiential learning?
    Experiential learning is a training method where participants learn a concept, then immediately apply what they've learned to their work or personal life. They use new tools and techniques to work through actual issues or challenges. Then after the training session, they practice and strengthen new skills by integrating the new tools, strategies, and concepts learned into their work. That's where the consistency comes in. And over time, they transform and achieve the changes they've always wanted because they've created a healthy habit that moves them forward productively. Experiential learning is one of the key's to success at The Vibrant Hive Coaching.
  • • What is transformational thinking and authenticity, and why are they important?
    Transformational thinking is about transforming the way you think and it encourages seeing the bigger picture. Instead of holding onto negative thoughts that lead to resistance and frustration, transformational thinkers see the disruptive thoughts as they rise, and get out from under them. They assess the thoughts and make adjustments to move into the flow. Authenticity is the ability to live in the moment, listen to your heart, and be true to yourself. It is cutting through the mind clutter and disruptive thoughts, finding the truth, and finding the most genuine version of yourself so that you can navigate life in a way that allows you to thrive and succeed. Authenticity is important because it leads to self-confidence, contentment, and the courage to speak up.
  • • What is executive coaching that's focused on workplace coherence and communication?
    This type of executive coaching helps clients move to higher workplace coherence, transforming how they navigate work, communicate with coworkers, make decisions, and take action. High coherence positively impacts all aspects of the job, including stress level, relationships, and results. Working with an executive coach who incorporates The Vibrant Hive® Method into sessions gives you the ability to adopt a bee mentality, see things from new perspectives, and improve many aspects of your work and personal life. This form of coaching enables you to build and strengthen new communication and soft skillset such as coherence-awareness and conflict resolution. The coaching conversation consists of powerful questions and thought provoking insight. Answers present themselves, and the path forward is established. You'll turn fog into clarity and regain excitement to have a vision and make it a reality. Monica provides much-needed encouragement, accountability, and support as you move forward with positive momentum.
  • • What are the benefits of executive coaching?
    Executive coaching helps you to become a confident leader. While working with Monica, clients gain clarity as they integrate The Vibrant Hive® self-coaching coherence model she teaches, which is especially helpful when facing challenges and overcoming obstacles. Coaching allows you to investigate self-limiting beliefs and patterns that are holding you back. Sessions offer a space to assess priorities and expectations and explore how they impact relationships and outcomes. Self-awareness, curiosity, confidence, and self-compassion are additional benefits experienced by The Vibrant Hive clients, along with clarification of values, purpose, and meaning for a more enjoyable and successful work life.

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