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Teen Authentic Leaders

4-Week Shift Series

Teens face an enormous amount of pressure. Bundles of homework, ACT/SAT testing, peer pressure, and that dreaded question of what they want to study in college are some of the bigger stressors facing your teen. And if you ask them what they really want, they'll tell you quite simply; less stress.  


This authentic leadership course shows teens how to reduce stress, and provides practical tools that they will use for the rest of their life beginning with school, sports, relationships, and the ability to confidently spread their wings and leave the nest. The 5-week series teaches students life skills such as how to shift aside mind clutter in order to make solid decisions and communicate effectively, and includes secrets that athletes like Michael Phelps, Misty May Treanor, and Kerri Walsh used to rise to the top. 


Navigate school and social circles with less stress and unleash your inner beast. It’s time to prepare for the next chapter. Are you ready?

Teen Authentic Leader Topics

  • The mind and stress


  • Transformational Thinking

  • Tapping into inner wisdom and power to realize full potential


  • Authenticity and Leading from the Heart

  • Awareness: Noticing the small details that make a big difference


  • Roadblocks to success, and how to overcome challenges and obstacles


  • The curious and investigative mind




  • Truth and peer pressure

  • Listening and gaining clarity


  • Effective decision making


  • Communication and conflict resolution

  • Resilience with unexpected challenges


  • Relationship dynamics


  • Mindful intention


  • 3 C's: Compassion, Courage, and Confidence


  • Discovering your career


  • Turning goals into reality

Sift Series Details

Tailored to: 8th - 12th Grade Students and parent/guardian

Location:  Online

"Success is trusting my intuition and letting my heart lead, even when what I am being asked to do feels scary."

– Lissa Rankin, MD

Author, "The Anatomy of a Calling" 

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