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The Vibrant Hive®
Training Program

Improve engagement, collaboration, & team success. Use a dynamic approach to work through issues & challenges.

What: The Vibrant Hive Workplace Coherence & Communication Training facilitates improved communication and workplace coherence by teaching you strategies to gain the clarity, focus, and understanding needed for solid decision-making. The Vibrant Hive Method of Communication is a unique and practical approach that aligns with the actions bees take to teach you interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills.

How: Monica developed this innovative coherence model to improve awareness, collaboration, and need assessment. ​Training is interactive and experiential learning allows you to receive instruction on new concepts, then you'll immediately apply the tools and strategies to current work issues or challenges to solidify understanding. Skill integration coaching provides you with support, encouragement, and accountability as you integrate the workplace coherence model into your work and strengthen your communication and leadership skills.

As you consistently engage in productive, quality interactions, new perspectives unfold and clarity, focus, and creativity drive you forward. New positive communication habits are developed and challenges are approached more effectively and efficiently in the future.


Training that Delivers Results: Of the first ten directors and managers who completed The Vibrant Hive training, half received promotions or recognition and special projects within the first year following training and coaching sessions. Our bees think that's something to talk about.

Give your team the tools & skills they need to do their best work & love work again. 

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"Conversations with Monica provoked me to look at things differently in how I interact with my teams. She's truly authentic and what makes her unique is that she wants to make a difference."

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Navigate Work & Conversations Efficiently

The Vibrant Hive way of navigating work is an art of seeing people, situations, and circumstances differently. It's having an open and curious mind and the willingness to make shifts.

When you navigate work conversations in high coherence, you adopt an important skill; the ability to pivot from confusion to clarity and insecurity to confidence. There’s less second-guessing and more productive solutions.

The Vibrant Hive Method helps team members to be more efficient and prepared. After training, clients tell me that they arrive at work and meetings feeling more confident. They worry less about how meetings will go because they arrive prepared. They are better at thinking on their feet and sharing creative ideas. And it’s easier to refocus themselves and the group when the need arises.

 Leadership skills that align with a bee mentality leads team members to make better decisions because they are in the habit of asking themselves and others the right questions to get clear before taking action.

Experience The Benefits 

Quality interactions

Efficient & productive meetings

Creative solutions

Best performance

Collaborative relationships

Desired results & outcomes

High morale

Job satisfaction

Let's discuss whether The Vibrant Hive training is right for your team.

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