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What Can Bees Teach Us About Creating a Collaborative Workplace?

Updated: May 31

A new approach to communication saves time, energy, resources.

The more we learn about bees, the clearer it becomes that they have far more to offer than the sweet, liquid gold they produce. Bees have figured out how to be efficient, productive, and successful, thanks in large part to their natural instinct to communicate clearly.

A healthy hive works in sync. And while each bee is responsible and accountable for a specific job, they seamlessly acquire and share information as they go, working together toward a common goal. Bees rely on multiple forms of communication to convey messages. This allows key information to flow immediately and constantly, so each bee knows where to find the best resources and is well-equipped to do its job.

But it’s not just bees that can benefit from this purposeful approach to collaborative communication. In fact, Grammarly’s 2021 “State of Business Communications” report found that poor communication is costing U.S. businesses approximately $1.2 trillion annually. That averages out to more than $12,500 per employee per year—or, to put it more concretely, around 7.5 hours of lost time per week. That’s right, employees are losing almost an entire day every week to poor communication. (Talk about a buzz kill.)

Just like bees, individuals and companies thrive when all team members are connected and communicate efficiently, with a consistent flow of pertinent details. The Vibrant Hive™ pulls inspiration from bees, translating their mastery of clear communication into effective professional development training for a more cohesive team. The Vibrant Hive Method of Communication, an innovative, new coherence model, addresses today’s often-tricky workplace communication issues with openness, clarity, and efficiency. It focuses on increased awareness and improved communication and incorporates soft skills while introducing new ways to approach and navigate workplace conversations.

Integrating new skills and having higher-quality interactions leads to more connected, engaged, and collaborative team members. This not only increases productivity but also helps employees increase their proactivity in doing their best work—for themselves and the bigger picture. So, if you’re ready to make your work hive a more vibrant one, give us a buzz. We’d love to talk.


Monica Binger

Workplace Coherence & Communication Specialist

Executive Leadership Coach


Phone: 919.602.6406


About the Author

Monica Binger is a workplace communication specialist providing professional development training to companies and teams looking to improve workplace communication and increase coherence so employees can have quality interactions, thrive, and succeed.


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