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Workplace Coherence Translates to Team Success

A team in high coherence connects & brings each person's strengths together to build a solid, cohesive unit.

In a vibrant hive, bees work in sync to create a golden honeycomb. In a vibrant organization, employees communicate productively to create, thrive, and succeed.

Clear communication is the path to a cohesive, thriving hive. Monica defines Workplace Coherence as "a state of real connection with open, clear, and efficient communication within a unified whole." When employees engage in quality interactions, they're in high coherence, and the results speak for themselves. Collaborative relationships, best performance, satisfaction, and work well-being.

Is your team in a cycle of high coherence where things are going smoothly? And are they equipped with the right skills and tools to communicate well and do their best work?

The Vibrant Hive approach to communication provides an opportunity for improvements & change.

Let's embrace it together.

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Poor Communication Drives Up Costs

7.5 Hours Lost

Per employee per week.

$12,500 Lost

Per employee per year.

Effective Communication Improves Performance & Job Satisfaction

Advanced communication and soft skills are essential for individual and team success. The Vibrant Hive® Method facilitates open, clear, and efficient communication, high workplace coherence, and  a collaborative  team where you do you best work. 

When you invest in your team, they invest their talent  in the company.

It's not about whether you're communicating,  it's about the quality of those interactions

  • Are meetings productive?

  • Have priorities & expectations been defined?

  • Are your expectations realistic and attainable?

  • Are you asking the right questions & discussing what needs to be discussed?

  • Are challenges worked through with respect & kindness?

  • Do you & your team have the approach needed to for clarity, focus & collaboration?

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