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Effective Communication & High Coherence for a More Connected Team

In a vibrant hive, bees share information and work in sync to create a golden honeycomb filled with "liquid gold." In a vibrant organization, employees communicate productively and work together to create, thrive, and succeed. 


Open, clear, and efficient communication is essential to a successful team. When team members engage in quality conversations, they're in high coherence, which leads to reduced stress, collaborative relationships, desired results, and job satisfaction.


Creating a collaborative workplace is key. The Vibrant Hive® training offers effective new ways to improve communication between team members and increase workplace coherence. 

If you and your team want to gain clarity, renewed focus, and reconnect in the current workplace dynamic, let's have a conversation so see how The Vibrant Hive training and executive leadership coaching can help you achieve your desired outcomes.

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The Vibrant Hive®
Workplace Coherence & Communication Trainin

Our Method of Communication offers an innovative and effective new approach to navigate the work environment. It hones skillsets that place awareness and curiosity at the forefront. The result is improved workplace coherence and communication, where employees engage in productive, collaborative conversations. As new perspectives unfold, clarity, focus, and creativity drive the team forward. When team members incorporate new skillsets, they approach conversations and challenges more effectively and efficiently.

We define Workplace Coherence as " a state of real connection with open, clear, and efficient communication of a unified whole."  The Vibrant Hive encourages effective communication and high coherence, by teaching effective strategies that lead to clarity, trust, and collaboration.


Workplace Coherence & Communication Training

Professional Development & Leadership Skills

  • In-person trainings

  • Includes instruction & experiential learning

  • Team setting & one-to-one

Empower your team with the tools they need to be efficient, gain momentum, & love work again

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It's not about whether you're communicating,  it's about the quality of those interactions

  • Are you asking the right questions?

  • Is the real concern being uncovered to identify the problem to be solved?

  • Are clear conversations with the right people taking place?

  • Have priorities & expectations been defined for everyone on the team?

  • Are your expectations for yourself and team members realistic and attainable?

  • Are challenges worked through with respect & kindness?

Create a thriving hive, one conversation at a time.

Navigate Work & Conversations Efficiently

Workplace coherence is an art of seeing people, situations, and circumstances differently. It's having an open and curious mind.


When you navigate work and conversations in high coherence, you adopt an important skill; the ability to pivot from confusion and feeling unsure, to clarity and confidence. There’s less second-guessing and more powerful solutions and new ideas.


The Vibrant Hive way of approaching work and communication helps team members to be more efficient and prepared. After training, clients tell us that they arrive at work and meetings feeling more confident. They worry less about how meetings will go because they arrive prepared, and are more fully engaged. They are better at thinking on their feet, speaking up, and sharing their ideas. And it’s easier to refocus themselves and the group.


The improved leadership qualities lead you to make solid decisions because you are in the habit of asking yourself and others the right questions, and you get clear before you take action. I equip work professionals, leaders, and teams with the tools needed to have awareness, engage, and do their best work.

"Conversations with Monica provoked me to look at things differently in how I interact with my teams. She differs from other instructors and coaches I've worked with in the past. She's truly authentic, and what makes her unique is that she wants to make a difference."

Mary, Raleigh, NC

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Where do you and your team reside?

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