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Reduce Stress, Restore Energy, & Regain Balance 

Two Effective Methods to Reduce Stress & Improve Health

Stress can lead to health issues and Monica offers two effective ways to reduce and manage daily stress for those on a health journey. Life integration coaching and Reiki provide long term effects that create real improvements. 

Reiki Promotes Relaxation & Natural Healing

Reiki is a natural, safe, and noninvasive Japanese Energy Healing modality that has become increasingly popular because, simply put, it helps people to feel better. It is uplifting, and people leave sessions in a lighter mood, feeling calm, refreshed, and even energized.


Reiki Energy restores the energy in your body and helps you to feel relaxed and less exhausted. It reconnects your mind, body, and spirit to help you feel more balanced and centered, and reduces stress, tension, and pain.

Life Integration


Explore new perspectives and learn stress reduction tools to self-coach and work through challenges and concerns with more ease. Gain clarity, make decisions that are best, and communicate effectively as you navigate health issues, relationships, and challenging situations.

Tune out the external environment and uncover a newfound awareness and a fresh perspective. Learn tips and tools so you know how to coach yourself and approach stress and challenging situations in new and improved ways.

 You deserve to release the stress & tension from the daily grind juggling work, family, & personal commitments. Are you taking time to refuel?

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Services Offered

30-Minute Session 

This check-in session is ideal to clear your mind and feel more relaxed and uplifted when time is limited and you feel stressed or have an issue to work through. Please note, this session is for established clients only and we focus on either coaching or reiki. Click here for more details. 

60-Minute Session 

Clear your mind, gain clarity, and feel more relaxed. Offering Coaching, Reiki, and combination sessions. During combination sessions, we begin the session with Reiki, then have a life integration coaching conversation. Click here for more details. 

90-Minute Session 

This 90-minute session is recommended if this is your first session with Monica. This session gives additional time to apply & integrate new tools, insights, & shifts into your daily life. Click here for more details. 

Reiki Certification: Holy Fire® III Reiki Levels 1, 2, & Master 

Corporate Reiki 

Your employees wish they were less exhausted and stressed so they can be productive and enjoy the work they do. Bring Reiki to the office and invite your employees to sign-up for 15 to 30-minute time slots. Since Reiki promotes relaxation and balance, and clears the mind, it's a perfect way to bring calm into the work environment, while recharging your employees batteries. Connect with Monica to discuss options.

In-person & remote sessions are available and are equally effective.

In-person sessions are located at Harmony Farms (in a private room), and remote "distant" sessions are via phone or Zoom. To schedule an appointment, contact Monica at 919.602.6406, or fill out the contact form. 

For payment & rescheduling policies, click here.

Reduce Stress & Improve WellBeing

"Early in my career I recognized that stress blocked my ability to enjoy work and it left me feeling exhausted, and as a parent it left me feeling drained and burned out. After going through chronic health issues and fully recovering, I understood the intricacies of stress and its impact on health and wellbeing.


When I received a diagnosis I was told that I had to reduce stress if I wanted to get better, so I it became a priority to find effective strategies to navigate life and approach situations with more ease. I tried various things, found what worked best, and developed The Vibrant Hive Method so I could teach others. Self-awareness, improved communication, and self-coaching are the key, and now I enjoy teaching people simple tools, strategies, and techniques that work. It really is a game-changer to ask the right questions and get clear so you can move forward productively. 


A few years ago I tried Reiki and it became one of my go-to relaxation tools for exhaustion and symptom relief. It feels very relaxing to receive Reiki energy as it restores and balances energy in the body, and I love that it lifts tough emotions and improves mood.

If you're tired of feeling drained and wish there was a better way to be yourself and enjoy your work or personal life again, give coaching and/or Reiki a try. They are effective individually and powerful when combined.”

- Monica Binger​

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What to Expect During a Coaching Session

As you tune out the external clutter of daily life and reconnect with yourself, it's easier to gain insight and answer questions such as "what's right for me and aligns with my values, what's the bigger picture, and what do I honestly want in certain areas of life." During the coaching conversation I ask powerful questions that spark insights, and teach individualized tools to incorporate into your life to reduce stress, which improves health, mental health, and wellbeing. 


Life coaching provides support and encouragement. As you implement new approaches and the shifts that occur during coaching into your work and personal life, you'll strengthen self-awareness, self-kindness, and communication, and better support yourself through challenges or difficult situations in the future.


Topics Discussed During the Coaching Conversation:

  • Regaining enthusiasm & contentment in life

  • Embracing curiosity & appreciation

  • Stepping into the flow instead of being in resistance

  • Relationships

  • Family, work, parenting

  • Walking the health journey

  • Reducing Stress

  • Awareness & communicating with others

  • Self-care & loving kindness


During a Reiki treatment, you'll relax in a zero-gravity chair and hear gentle, soothing music as you receive Reiki. Reiki Energy passes through my hands placed just above your body near your head, arms, shoulders, torso, legs, and feet. Receiving Reiki is very relaxing, and you may even fall asleep as the Reiki rebalances your energy.


During the Reiki treatment you might:

  • Experience

    • Peace & relaxation

    • Temperature change (warm or cool)

    • A lightness or heavy feeling

    • Energy moving through your body, legs, or feet

    • Relief from pain or an easing of your symptoms

    • Energetic shifts & emotions bubble up

  • See colors or images

  • Receive insight as blocks are cleared

  • Enjoy relaxing or fall asleep

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What to expect during a Reiki Session

During the Reiki treatment, clients relax in a zero-gravity chair and hear gentle, soothing music as they receive Reiki. Reiki Energy passes through the practitioner's hands placed just above the body near the head, shoulders, torso, or legs and feet. Receiving Reiki is very relaxing, and you may even fall asleep as your energy is rebalanced. 


During Reiki you might:

  • Experience​​

    • Peace & relaxation

    • Temperature change (warm or cool)
    • A lightness or heavier feeling
    • Energy moving through your body

  • Relief from pain or an easing of symptoms

  • Energetic shifts & emotions bubble up

  • Receive insights & relief as blocks are cleared

  • Enjoy relaxing or fall asleep.

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Reiki Compliments Traditional Treatments

Many hospitals and healthcare systems in the United States offer Reiki treatments to their patients because it speeds up recovery and reduces suffering in those with chronic illness. Reiki is not a replacement for medical or therapeutic treatment, but studies have shown that it complements traditional treatments such as chemotherapy and surgery.


Reiki is NOT a substitute for traditional medical or therapeutic treatments, counseling, or psychotherapy, nor is it a substitute for a consultation from a licensed medical professional. 


Monica does not diagnose, treat, or give advice on conditions. If you have a severe physical or mental health issue, condition, or issues with imbalance, please see a physician, psychotherapist, or qualified licensed professional.

Potential Benefits of Reiki

  • Feel more centered & whole

  • Support you through heath issues & chronic illness

  • Ease symptoms & pain 

  • Boost immune system

  • Complements mental health, naturopathic, & medical 
treatments (i.e.chemotherapy)

  • Speed recovery from acute injuries & surgery

  • Promote relaxation & natural healing

  • Relieve stress, tension, & fatigue

  • Restore & re-balance energy

  • Clear mind & gain clarity

  • Uplifted mood & positive outlook

  • Release worry & negative emotions

  • Improved sleep

  • Balance & harmony

  • Mind-body-spirit connection

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